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Privacy Policy
This text provides explanations on Jake and courier privacy policies. These policies include our approach to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information received at Jake and Peak. Jake and Courier assure their users that their personal information is only used to improve their service. Users use Jake and Peak to express their satisfaction with the content of this text.

received data
To view Jake and Courier users’ pages, there is no need to register an account and provide information from the user’s side. However, after registering users, users are considered to be well-known users of Jake and Peak. Jake and Courier will keep information about their well-known users on internal servers in Iran, and hence there is no concern for users to leave the borders of the country for users. Jake and Courier users directly share the following with Jake and Peak:

E-mail address or telephone number: The user enters one of them for registration at Jake and courier.
Username and password of the account
User-submitted content (including photos, videos, audio files, text, comments, etc.)
Messages exchanged between you and Jake and courier
Transaction information done
In addition, users of Jake and courier will want users to find their friends at Jake and Pique:

Provides Jake and Courier access to their phone book or email so Jake and Peak will identify and identify their friends’ account accounts at Jake and Peak.
Invite your friends via SMS or email to join Jake and courier. Note that it is the responsibility of any user to send any SMS invoice.
Also, Jake and Courier collect cookies and similar technologies using Jake and courier as well as their service process. The file information is automatically sent to your browser whenever you request access to a web page or an application. If you use our services, our servers will automatically update some of your report file information, including Web request, IP address, browser type, referrer / sender URLs and URLs, number of clicks, and type of interaction with the links within the service, names Domain, destination pages, viewed pages and other similar information are collected and recorded.

Whenever you use mobile devices such as tablets or mobile devices to access our services, you can access, collect, monitor, and store on your device, or store device identifiers for jacks and couriers. Device identifiers, small data files, or similar data structures that are stored on or linked to your device and act as the device’s unique identifier for your device. These IDs can provide you with information on how to navigate and use Jake and courier services, and help us deliver the report or content and personalized ads.

This information will be used to provide you with better and more efficient service. One of these services is the easier and faster access to the account, the viewing of Jake and courier patterns, and the identification and resolution of some problems. It should be noted that Jake and courier will not collect, record or store your bank information at all.

Share your information
Jake and Courier reserves the right to disclose your personal information solely in order to respond to requests and, if necessary, provide a report to the law enforcement authorities. Your contact details – such as your phone number or email address – will not be displayed to any Jake or courier user at any part of the Jake or courier.

Counter spam
Jake and Courier will not provide any flexibility against spamming and will block or remove the sender’s account if they find spam messages. In addition, Jake and Courts encourage their users to easily report them in less than twenty seconds if they see such cases.

Users’ information is maintained at the Jake and Peak servers inside the country, so users can be sure of the lack of external access to their information. This information is protected by numerous advanced encryption methods, and a high degree of confidence in the security of this information is obtained. However, it is clear that, despite all these efforts, it is not possible to protect one hundred percent of the information anywhere in the world. Therefore, if this information is disclosed, its responsibility is denied to Jake and courier, and the user accepts the responsibility for it.